TECHNAL A FRENCH BRAND Created in Toulouse in 1960, Technal is a French company offering aluminium construction systems that are designed to inspire contemporary architecture: façades and curtain walls, doors, windows, sliding doors, balustrade, pergolas, gates... Thanks to its globally recognised expertise and increasingly inventive and powerful technical solutions, the brand is able to respond to new challenges on a daily basis, resulting in creative, intelligent and liberated architecture. In a word, it’s living! As a market leader, its excellence, know-how, unique design and innovative vision have set the standard in France and throughout the world. Technal’s solutions can be adapted to each project, linking inside and outside spaces with large dimensions, pure design and maximum performance to meet the various needs of the construction and residential markets, from new builds to renovations . We also develop tailor-made solutions to meet the aesthetic and comfort requirements of our partners. Imagination makes the world go round. Here at Technal it’s our driving force and way of doing things. It allows us to move forward, innovate and inspire. Where others just see a window, we see cutting-edge technology that benefits both the users and the environment.
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Nature and Sunrise|.
Transparent, Spacious, Nature, Harmony|.
Scenic and Harmonic Nature|.
Functional Open Floor|.
Functional|Functionality in architecture is about achieving a balance between form and function. It is about creating spaces that not only look good on paper but also work effectively and enhance the quality of life for those who inhabit or use them. Architects and designers strive to find creative solutions that meet practical needs while also creating aesthetically pleasing and sustainable environments
Connection to Nature|.
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